Police training

On successful entry into the Harbour Police, new officers undergo a local induction into the daily operations of a large modern port.

During this induction period the new officers spend time visiting external agencies with whom they will actively engage following completion of their residential training.

The next stage of police training is a ten-week residential course at our specialist training department and with Teesside University.

  • The Harbour Police officers undergo further training in first aid, attend a response driving course with a local county force and also qualify as a Port Facilities Security Officer. 
  • They will also be expected to keep up with legislation and terrorist threat levels by attending other courses provided to meet these requirements.
  • As well as all aspects of general police duties, the Harbour Police constable will be involved in many other port and shipping related tasks, including the berthing of vessels and checking various safety and other regulations necessary for the operation of the port
  • Officers will be expected to visit ships that use the port to issue General Directions and Byelaws and to check any dangerous cargo, explosives or firearms carried. 
  • They are conversant with the requirements of maritime legislation and they have a very busy and important role to play enforcing the requirements of the International Ships and Ports Facility Security Code.