• Chief Inspector Denis Murphy

    Chief Inspector Denis Murphy

    Head of Police, Security and Resilience

    Denis Murphy was appointed Chief Police Officer of the Teesport Harbour Police in December 1999, following a long and successful career in the Royal Military Police.

    Since his appointment, the Harbour Police have been reorganised and a more robust training regime has been introduced. In 2016 Denis moved into the role of Head of Police, Security and Resilience. 

    Denis holds a Master of Science Degree in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester and is a member of the Ports Police Chief Officers’ Association.

  • Inspector Jim Bone

    Inspector Jim Bone

    Police Inspector

    Jim has been part of the Harbour Police since 1994, and was appointed to Police Inspector in 2016. His duties include the day to day running of the police department and all administration, including additional training requirements and planned operations. 

    Jim liaises with partner agencies and is a member of the Port Police Chief Officers Association. In 2013 Jim completed his Strategic Management and Leadership Course with the Chartered Management Institute and in 2014 qualified as a Chartered Manager.

  • PS Mark Hardy

    PS Mark Hardy

    Police Operational Sergeant

    Mark Hardy – known as Olly - has been a member of the Harbour Police for 10 years. He previously served with the Royal Military Police in a variety of roles. In his current role, he regularly has as to deal with the security issues faced by ships’ crew when visiting the Ports of Tees and Hartlepool.

    Olly worked as Training and Development Officer for the force for a number of years before recently moving roles to become a Harbour Police Operational Sergeant.

  • PS Mick Robinson

    PS Mick Robinson

    Police Operational Sergeant

    Mick Robinson has been a member of the Harbour Police for 14 years following a successful career in the Royal Air Force. He has gained extensive experience and knowledge of all policing and security matters affecting PD Ports property, assets, personnel and commercial interests during his time in the Harbour Police.

    As an Operational Sergeant, Mick is responsible for the day-to-day management and supervision of the Harbour Police Constables. He also attends incidents and crime scenes, liaises with partner agencies to arrange and co-ordinate joint operations, as well as including acting as authorising officer for any Marine Incidents.

    Mick is also responsible for drafting operational orders, taking into account Legislation and corporate regulations.

    Mick takes the lead in all Harbour Police Health and Safety issues using knowledge from his NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. He is also a qualified and experienced Explosives Safety Officer.