Police aims and objectives


  • To uphold the law and exercise our powers to provide a crime free environment for employees, customers and visitors.
  • To maintain a proactive, highly trained, Harbour Police presence in all areas of the PD Ports business, and to provide accurate and timely advice and guidance to the company on all police matters affecting their property, assets, personnel and commercial interests.


  • To prevent and reduce crime in our area of jurisdiction
  • To provide advice to people using Teesport, including appropriate and up-to-date crime reduction advice.
  • To encourage all port users to be alert and watchful in looking after themselves and others.
  • To ensure that all Harbour Police are trained and prepared to fully contribute to the port incident and emergency plans while maintaining a safe and secure environment.
  • To seek ways in which we can contribute to the core values of the company.
  • Dedicate time to visiting vessels; carrying out waterborne patrols; liaising with other river users; and offering security and crime prevention advice to our neighbours and tenants.
  • To safely control all forms of traffic using the Teesport estate.